The Fire Mink Lash

The Fire Mink Lash

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The Fire Lash

These 25mm lashes are ‘whats hot’ on the makeup market as of 2018. Although they are known for being extra long and dramatic, you just about get away with wearing them on a day to day basis. 

These lashes offer great flexibility with a great quality lash band. These lashes can be worn over a dozen times when cared for properly. 

100% luxury Mink. 

—————————Lash Care———————

  • Try to avoid sleeping in your lashes, sleeping in your lash can cause the lash to get damaged, not to mention possible eye irritation 
  • Use your lash packaging as a safe place to put your lashes when you aren’t using them
  • Please refrain from using beauty supply store hair glue, this is not meant for lashes hence why its ‘hair glue’ this is will cause eye irritation and will make it very hard to remove the lashes and as a result they will become extremely damaged not to mention your natural lashes will also get pulled 
  • Try to use alcohol to clean lashes after every use 

We have many more 25mm lashes so check out our website to see the variety we have ..