Neon Pigment SET 23 Colours
Neon Pigment SET 23 Colours

Neon Pigment SET 23 Colours

Lav Cosmetics

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10ml per individual pot

This is our 23 colour neon pigment SET. Includes all the colours in the image above. If you purchase all 23 colours at £5 each it would be a total of £115 so we’ve given a discounted price of £69.99 thats £45 saved! 

DIRECTIONS- All loose pigments should be patted on not blended. Whether its neon powder or loose eyeshadow shimmer. When you pat the pigments on as oppose to blending, it stays true to colour. When you blend, the colour fades as they are not meant to be blended its suppose to be a build up so the colour comes out really pigmented. However, blending is more suited for eyeshadow palettes. We also recommend a really good eyeshadow base such as p.louise. This can be found at We do not recommend using concealer as a dupe/substitute. It WILL NOT work the same as the plouise base were especially designed to hold heavy amounts of eyeshadow, whereas a concealer isn’t- only minimal amounts of setting powder. 

Colours included in set:

1. Mild Yellow 

2. Lime Green

3. Bubblegum Barbie Pink 

4. Neon Yellow

5. Rich Purple

6. Sky Blue

7. Neon Orange 

8. Sunflower Yellow

9. Medium Green

10. Deep Purple

11. Neon Red

12. Pink Spaz

13. Light Purple

14. Coral

15. Dark Pink

16. Dark Green

17. White 

18. Light Blue 

19. Light Orange 

20. Midnight Blue 

21. Majestic Orange 

22. Dark Red 

23. Dark Orange 

Ingredients: Mica, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, tin oxide, silk mica

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