Neon Iridescent Glitter (Custom set of 5)

Neon Iridescent Glitter (Custom set of 5)

Lav Cosmetics

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This is a colourful set of our neon iridescent glitter. This set consists of 5 different colours (chosen by the customer) These glitters are also available to purchase as a 15 set & individual (see website for more)

When you place an order email us straight away at stating the 5 colours you would like from the 15 above. Alternatively if you don’t email us we will send any random 5 

Each individual pot weighs a total of 10g, in total 15=150g

Pictures taken with/without flash

Ingredients- cosmetic glitter/unharmful

If you purchase all 5 colours individually at £5.50 each it would be a total of £27.50 so we’ve a given a discounted price of £20 thats £7.50 saved!